Old Maxey Pictures
Maxey Village Hall


                       1ST Row: R. Bloodworth, G.Goodliffe, R.Frisby, M.Porteous, A.Brewin, A.Wright, J.Harris, C.Purllant,               M.Ladds, N.Goodliffe, L.Peach, J.Lake

                      2nd Row: C.Clayton, C.Miller

                     3rd Row: J.Abbott, N.Goodliffe, M.Brewin, B.Smith, J.Abbott, J.Tee, R.Bingham, M.Bingham, C.Tee

                     4th Row : J.Perkins, R.Smitheringale, T.Purlant, R.Garford, S.Abbott, M.Perkins, G.Ladds, C.Ladds,                  R.Frisby,

                       M.Tee, W.Garford, D.Balderson, S.Goodliffe, T.Hodgkinson,

                      5th Row: A.Crowson, J.Crowson, S.Smith, H.Smith, J.Garford, M.Crowson, F.Brewin, E.Bingham, D.Lake,

                       H.Garford, H.Goodliffe

                     6th Row: L.Wright, M.Frisby, J.Bingham

                      Door: G.Purllant, Mrs G. Purllant   

Can anybody name them?         

Mrs Redhouse - Finishing party?

Circa early 1960's Maxey School Girls

From left to right:

 1st  row:  Jane Shaw, Joy Bloodworth, Jane Mann, Janice Chapman, Mandy Stanger


 2nd row:  Linda Wright, Helen Smith, Jane Bingham, Maureen Roffe, Eileen Bingham,

                Molly Tee                                                                                                    


Back Row: Ida Redhouse, Mary Brewin, Shirley Hinch, Connie Tee, Julie Crowson,

Mr Redhouse

Maxey Ladies ??? 195?

From left to right:

       1st  row:  Angela Wright, Celia Purlant, Rosemary Frisby

       2nd row:  Pamela Clayton, Marlene Bingham, Lynette Weldon,                             

                     Marion   Porteous, Audrey Brewin

Back row: Brenda Wright, Diana Wright, Rosalind Plant, Mary

Brewin, Ann Richardson,Cynthia Miller,

Geoff Bloodworth

School Lane, Maxey. Date unknown. NB Village Hall (then the school) in background

Maxey Wedding 1925. Anybody know who it is?

Maxey WI Ladies Triumphant in winning the Huntingdon and Peterborough WI Federation Quiz 1969

Maxey WI ladies enjoying a cup of tea after rehearsal. Date unknown

Maxey WI Tree Planting in Barn Close. Occasion and date unknown

A successful Maxey football team 1949-50. Anybody know any names ?

Maxey Boxing Day football team from the Bluebell. 1970’s

Grainy picture from old newspaper of the Bluebell Darts team just pipped for runners-up spot in the Peterborough LVA Darts League in April 1971.

Names (left to right)  Sitting- John Branch, Charlie Chapman, Geoff Purllant,

Standing - Roland Hebblewhite (captain), Brian Barnes, Tony Parker, Trevor Hodgkin,Chris Russell and Norman McShane

Maxey WI Ladies on an outing to Wedgewood Factory at Stoke. President Mrs Crowson. Date unknown

Carpet Bowls photographed at their Christmas celebration, December 17th 2001.

Back row: Brian Moss, Walter Smalley, Bernard Roffe, Harry Ashton, John Nichols, Gerry Smith

Middle Row: Margaret Cook, Tony Smith, Wyn Rushdon, Peggy Nicholls

Front Row: Peggy Ashton, Maureen Moss, Gill Heelis, Cath Roffe, Mary Elliot