Booking / Rates
Maxey Village Hall

For all booking enquiries and date availability contact trustee Jacqui Barnard,  click HERE to e-mail to  or text to 07710150587

.The trustees reserve the right to change the hire and token rates without notice, but at a meeting in March last year it was decided not to increase our rates for another 12 months, despite the financial pressures we ourselves are facing due to energy cost.

Maxey residents enjoy a 10% discount off the rate.

The minimum period of hire is 2hrs and please note that a deposit is required at the time of booking. Normally £50 but could be more if other equipment is being used (ie: audio/visual)
This amount will be returned after the hire has finished, upon a hall inspection to ascertain no damage has occurred and the hall has been left as found. If the hall or its contents have been damaged during the hirer's time of hire they will be responsible for reinstatement.

A copy of the terms and conditions of hire are available when the booking is made.

Terms currently applicable -
Main Hall

Mon/Fri £10hr Sat/Sun £12hr

Meeting Room

Mon/Fri £8hr Sat/Sun £10hr

Both Rooms

Mon/Fri £14hr Sat/Sun £17hr

Heating Tokens are priced at £2 each (depending upon season each token should allow at least 30 mins heat within the main hall or approximately 1hr in the smaller meeting room)

Please contact us for a quotation for your booking

Booking and Rates

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